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ECL – Extended Content Labels


Evaluate. Collaborate. Elevate.

Innovation is in our DNA. Since 1976 Kiwi Labels have offered this key point of difference to our customers – there is no problem too big for us to solve. It’s a mindset that’s provided us with multiple awards and, more importantly, saved New Zealand businesses millions of dollars.

Such products as "Hang Cell Labels", "Peel and Reveal Labels", Security Labels, Heat Sensitive Inks, inks that smell (nice like strawberries), inks that scratch off, labels that wash away with water, promotional labels, multi-layer labels, even labels that can hide a spork – these are why our customers stick with us.

We are New Zealand’s most awarded label company for innovation. It’s something we are very proud of. No matter what industry you are in we can provide the opportunity for you to add value to your product – it’s a challenge we can’t resist. 

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