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Kiwi Labels Product Wine Labels
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Kiwi Labels Product Wine Labels Christchurch Printers NZ

Wine labels


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Wine is best served with… a label on it.
Fine wine deserves a fine label – one that entices and enriches the experience of searching, purchasing and consuming.

Thanks to our Christchurch location we’re in an ideal position to provide wine bottle label printing directly to the boutique wine growers so ubiquitous in the South Island.

With a specialised digital label press and our KiwiWINE brand materials and coatings, we provide unique and beautiful custom wine labels to a huge range of New Zealand clients in the industry.

We take pride in producing both fashion and function to our wine labels and have formulated stocks with scuff resistant coatings and water repelling technology. That means your wine labelling can handle any hardships experienced in domestic or international travel.


We’re incredibly happy with Kiwi Labels and the quality of the print work they’ve done with us. Always reliable, very friendly and with a quick turnaround, we’d highly recommend them to any winery”.

Nik Mavromatis, General Manager – Sales and Marketing.
Thomas Family Wines.

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