Thermal Transfer Ribbons NZ
Thermal Transfer Ribbons NZ

Thermal ribbons

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We stock a variety of thermal transfer ribbons to meet a full range of printing requirements. These thermal ribbons are also available in a variety of widths to suit a wide range of printers.

Our extensive knowledge of the thermal transfer printing process ensures we offer the appropriate match between ribbon and label or tag materials.

The ribbons are separated into these categories:

Wax: Suitable for most standard application requirements. A wax based thermal transfer ribbon that gives very good results printing on a wide range of paper and some synthetic materials. However, was is not ideal for any long term duration outdoors and it is prone to smudging.
Wax/Resin: Suitable for more demanding application requirements. Excellent U.V, smear and scuff resistance. A wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon gives excellent results printing on a wide range of paper and synthetic materials. Was/resin ribbons produce fine images on very smooth paper or coated paper labels, their use is suitable for printing onto plastic/synthetic labels such as polyester, polypropylene and vinyl.
Resin: Suitable for heavy industrial and extreme application requirements. Resin ribbons are resistant to some solvents, high temperatures, scratching and abrasive situations. They will produce permanent images that will withstand harsh conditions and they are used for printing onto paper labels; either matte or semi-gloss, which must not be abraded or subjected to chemicals/oil as these conditions would melt the wax image.

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