KiwiShelf Talkers


KiwiShelf Talkers

Don't shelve the idea. KiwiShelf Talkers are the answer.

Shelf Talkers

Highlight your products with our KiwiShelf Talkers.

KiwiShelf Talkers are retail stores shelf marking options that allow you to highlight your product specials in an attractive manner. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes, supplied on A4 sheets. The A4 sheeted form makes them perfect for overprinting through laser or inkjet printers.

Our high performing KiwiShelf Talkers are cost effective, strong and durable. They are available in gloss, matte, natural kraft or clear with removable adhesive options. The paper facestock has wet strength properties – enhancing the performance of KiwiShelf Talkers in moist and cold environments.

Print your branded KiwiShelf Talker blank shells through Kiwi Labels and sign up for our storage solutions too. Just call us up to draw down stock as required through our Integrated Warehousing Solution and we’ll distribute to all you locations nationwide.

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