Grow Your Business with Horticulture Labels


Grow Your Business with Horticulture Labels

Communicate your brand message effectively and add value for your customers with horticulture labels. 

There are a range of different horticulture labels available for growers and horticulturists. These labels have specific needs- they must be able to withstand everything the sky throws at them. Rain, wind, and sun means that the labels have to be UV resistant, water proof, and made from super tough materials. Use in glasshouses mean that the labels must be resistant to heat as well as sub-zero temperatures when the plants are outside.

These labels also need to be big enough to include all relevant planting information, water/ sun likes and dislikes as well as any extra information the customer may need to keep the plant healthy. Think about including plant varietal, care instructions and best growing conditions. These labels often stay with the plant for many years, a robust label is important for consumers.

Tie-on horticulture labels

Able to be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, these double-sided labels are perfect for use in garden centres and nurseries. Affixed to the plant without damaging the branches or leaves, these stay on until removed intentionally- they will never fly off in the wind. These can be a custom length or can be made with adjustable lengths. These labels can also be called loop-lock, self-tie, and tie-wraps.

We also make swing clips, which are larger and can provide the customer with more information but need to be affixed using string or ties rather than the all-in-one self-tie.

Stake horticulture labels

Used in a die-cut shape of your choice, these can either insert into the soil directly or can be made with a pushlock that stays locked into the container the plant is in. These also can be called stick-in labels, pot pointers, push-in or pointed end labels. A range of sizes, shapes, thicknesses and styles are adaptable for your needs.

Propagator tags

For growers and nurseries, these tags are robust so you can make notes on the growing conditions of the plants. If you have a large team or specific growing environments, these are perfect to keep track of when and how your seedlings were treated.

Self-adhesive pot labels

These labels that affix to the outside of plant pots are waterproof, weatherproof, and designed for use on difficult surfaces and damp environments. All UV resistant inks, in matt or varnish finishes, these are great for pots or for plants sold in pots.

Quality labels to attract consumer attention

Adding a photo of the mature plant in full colour helps to sell the plant, so customers can see what they can expect. This helps with marketing the plant. Our full-colour double-sided printing won’t fade in the sun. We can create your tags in a variety of colours as well as the standard white option.

Contact us to discuss the options available to you. We listen and advise the solution that we think best fits your needs.

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