FMCG Labels That Make Your Customer Go OMG


FMCG Labels That Make Your Customer Go OMG

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are products that have high
turnover rates. This means that you have high competition and your marketing must work hard to stand out.

Kiwi Labels have been creating high impact FMCG labels for over 40 years. You’ve seen their
labels in the chiller, the freezer, and on the supermarket shelf. We know what works and we
work hard to fit the brand’s needs with what works for the consumer. We are GS1 accredited
experts in regulatory labelling requirements both in NZ and Internationally. We can help you
present your products to the NZ, Australia, Europe, Asia and US markets to ensure you remain
compliant in all your markets.

Technically superior
Your product has different requirements from other merchandise. If it’s stored in a freezer or
fridge, it’s going to have distinct needs- the labels need to remain intact when they get wet. If the
item will be stored in the hot foods cabinet, it needs to stay white and readable and attached
even in hot temperatures. Fresh produce has different needs too, and honey labels, and beer and
wine labels… the list goes on. We have expertise in creating the best label for your product
needs, whether it’s a run of ten hand-applied labels or ten thousand machine-affixed.
If you need a label for jars, bottles, cartons or boxes (or even direct stick to produce), we have
solutions for you.

Stand out from the crowd
There are thousands of products on supermarket shelves, you need a label that stands out from
its competitors. Once your customer picks it up to inspect the label, it’s more likely to end up in
their basket.

So how can you do this?

We offer a range of finishes as well as high quality printing methods that make an exceptional
finish. The materials include gloss or matt paper, clear film, metallic, textured and thermal too. If
so desired, we can even create labels infused with a scent! With these products you can have a
range of finishes too. Foiling, textured sandpaper finishes or even embossing for a 3-D effect.

Provide all legal labelling requirements
Kiwi Labels understand the range of information you must have on a label, Nutritional, size,
source of ingredients, ingredients list and so much more. Each country has different
requirements to meet too. We can advise you on this and also offer innovative solutions. If your
product is small, the labels needs to be used for marketing, not filled up with regulatory
information. Using ECL – extended content labels- may be the solution you need. Not only do
they offer extra space for information in other languages but also allow you to develop a
relationship with your customer- adding your company story, recipes, competitions, and useful
information that brings people back to your product again and again.

Get in contact with us to talk about your needs and how we can help you make an impact with
your FMGC labels.

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