Boldly Go Where No Beer Labels Have Gone Before


Boldly Go Where No Beer Labels Have Gone Before

Craft beer production in New Zealand is driven by passion, commitment, innovation and a desire to produce the best product possible. We feel the same way about the beer labels we create for you.


The craft beer industry in New Zealand is growing and there are more beers on supermarket shelves than ever before. Your label needs to stand out from the crowd and get your potential customer to put your beer in their trolley. While your beer might taste amazing, it’s the label that sells it in the first instance. Craft beer labels have a reputation for pushing the envelope of acceptable images and words, making the challenge of being different even harder.

How to stand out from the crowd

We offer many different die-cutting shapes to create outlines or cut-outs that create a point of difference.

We also have a range of finishing solutions that will differentiate your beer from the pack. Alongside the traditional foiling and metallic solutions there are lots of embellishments and finishes. Glossy or matt finishes have a textured finish to set them apart, or even a silk screen or embossed finish. For those who really want to stand out, sandpaper or glitter offer a tactile difference to other beer bottles on the shelf. Spot UV coatings create a visual contrast, ideal for drawing attention to a particular feature on the label or creating a unique pattern.

Some labels can use glow-in-the-dark, glittery, colour-changing or even scented inks! Once your customer grabs your beer bottle to sniff the label, you know they will be curious enough to buy it too!

The technical details

Our state-of-the-art digital printing machines produce great quality labels for small runs of hand-applied labels or large machine-applied runs. Our digital printing presses are ideal for limited edition runs or smaller batches of varieties of beers, so there is no penalty for changing the artwork between your pilsner or IPA. We have water and scuff- resistant labels so the beer can be stored in an ice bath, a fridge or even the local river and the label won’t float off.

The label needs to fit on the bottle. If the bottle is tapered or an unusual shape, this will affect the label. We need to know the temperature that the bottle will be when the label is applied. This affects the stickability of the adhesive.

Full wrap bottles or half-wrap labels offer different benefits. A half-wrap label lets your customer see the product itself, but a full-wrap gives you maximum marketing space. This is important if you have regulatory information you need to include, such as ingredients lists, a product description, and maybe even a bit of a story about your company. There are also beer neck labels to consider.

Give us a call today to discuss the options for you. We will help you choose the right options to get you front and centre with your customers.

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