A Sticky Solution for Honey Labels in NZ


A Sticky Solution for Honey Labels in NZ

A key supplier for more than 60 NZ and International honey brands, Kiwi Labels understand what makes a great honey label.

Kiwi Labels prints labels for over 60 honey brands in New Zealand. As a key supplier for the honey market, we attend and sponsor the Annual Apiculture New Zealand conference. This not only helps us support an industry we bee-lieve in, but means we are up to date with challenges that apiarists are facing.

We appreciate the very distinct needs and requirements of honey labels for both the local and the international market.

Our custom honey labels are ideal for anyone from small boutiques needing a run of only ten labels, through to large International brands that need thousands.

The basics of honey packaging

Honey jars and containers are often unconventional shapes which requires problem solving to create a shape, size, and application style that suits. Because honey jars are often small, we also offer extended content labels so you can include information in multiple languages or supply extra content for added value for your customers. This might be some amazing honey recipes or the ability for your customers to add themselves to your mailing list, increasing your brand awareness and customer engagement.

Your labelling should deliver on four key objectives. It must complement your existing branding and packaging. It should remain fixed to the container, even with regular washings to remove sticky spills. The labels need to comply with the regulations of the country it will be sold in. Most importantly, it must look great, presenting your brand in an attractive way that makes your customers buy your honey, rather than your competitors.

We offer a sweet range of die-cut shapes, finishes, and materials to suit your brand. Common shapes include a hexagonal die-cut label that echoes the shape of a honeycomb, familiar to customers.

Legal honey label compliance

Honey is subject to specific labelling laws, both here in NZ and overseas. You must include information such as weight, ingredients, country of origin, a nutrition information panel, packing date, barcode, use and storage directions, and any relevant provenance information/ branding information you require. All this information should be taken into account when designing labels. We have had experience in this and can help with any problems or questions you have.

Materials and design

Whether you’ve chosen a squeezy bottle or glass jar, we have a label to suit the container. Jars that have curves or angles are harder for labels to adhere to, but there are plenty of other options. Lid space is a great option for more branding, or compliance information may fit underneath the jar. The type of label also depends upon how you’ll apply the label, whether by hand or machine and what the conditions of installation will be.

Once you have decided on the label shape and type, consider the finishing options. Foils and holographic finishes, embossing, laminations, gloss or matt varnishes or even glitter and gold finishes are available.

At any step, we are available for advice and expert guidance. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


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