A Game Changer for Kiwi Labels


A Game Changer for Kiwi Labels

Kiwi Labels have just installed the latest and greatest narrow web printing press in New Zealand. This press offers some huge benefits to customers.

Kiwi Labels have two underpinning qualities to their business; a commitment to making the NZ environment better, and producing the very best quality label for our customers. Our new printing press supports both these goals, making it a welcome addition to our factory floor.


Prints labels faster

Because so much can be automated on this press, with ten colours, quick- change digital print sleeves, this means shorter lead times for our customers. Our focus is for KiwiLabels to be the fastest, most efficient label printer in New Zealand. It's that simple.

Creates an exceptional quality label

The new Crisp.Dot technology uses sophisticated rubber coated pressure rollers. These create equally distributed pressure, minimising dot gain. The roller carefully controls and minimises stretching or streaking of the ink dot. This means the dot remains round, ink coverage is even and solid, making images clearer and fonts sharper.

Less waste, big environmental savings

With real-time individual label information available, if something is going wrong, we know sooner. This means that changes can be made earlier on in the printing process to avoid waste of materials and reduce the amount of rubbish created.

The press also integrates new technology, which makes the press run at high speed. This uses less energy.

These outcomes are in line with our focus on lessening our impact on the environment and meeting our objectives within our ISO14001 certification.

Results focussed with quality labels

This ten-colour press offers significant time efficiencies, creates less waste which is better for the environment, and produces a high quality label. This is great news for customers who want to have ethical, environmentally responsible packaging solutions, fast.

The Crisp.Dot technology means that labels can now have finer details and still be crisp and clear for the consumer. This makes products look even more attractive on the shelf, helping push out the competitors. 

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