2022 Pride in Print Awards


2022 Pride in Print Awards

We set new record at the 2022 Pride in Print Awards

KL Pride in Print 22

Held on our home ground this year at the Te Pae Convention center, we won a total of 16 Golds at the 2022 Pride in Print Awards – setting another new record for our team and catapulting us into the 50 Gold Medal Club!

We won gold in the Company Awards, which were introduced in 2021, to promote the wider development of the print industry and highlight the businesses that are driving the future of the industry.

This Category acknowledges companies that have demonstrated excellence and commitment to best practice. We achieved golds in the Wellness and Sustainability categories which are both important areas of focus within the company.

The Wellness Award gives recognition to companies that have developed, implemented and championed outstanding approaches in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their workers.
We provide a workplace that is inclusive to all, supporting our staff and provides them with a healthy and safe work environment. We are proud members of the Living Wage Movement in NZ, the only label company in NZ to commit to supporting our staff, their families and communities via this program.

The Sustainability Award is for the business that demonstrates steps taken to embed sustainable practices in their organisation.

Our 100% commitment to the environment and embracing a future for everyone is visible in our day to day practices as well as our KiwiCycle brand that offers a range of award winning sustainable label solutions, and we have committed to divert 500 tonnes of glassine liner by 2025 to be recycled through our Glassine Liner Recycling Program rather than ending up in landfill.

Along with winning 7 golds in Labels, we went on to win the best of the best in the Labels Category with the stunning Holland Road Wild Ginseng Gin label.

The following labels won gold:

Complete Fox Up
Holland Road Wild Ginseng Gin
Monofloral Manuka Honey
Vinity Pinot Noir Rose
LTD. Gin
Abbott – Ensure
Win – 1 of 30

Industry Development & Creativitiy: Hellers Flexo Box (yep we printed and diecut a box in our label manufacturing plant. Our team knows no bounds!)

Print Industry Promotion - Self-Promotion: Made By Nature Plant Tag, Bee Protected NZ Water, Take a Peak NZ Water KiwiECL.

Specialty Products: Complete Fox Up and LTD. Gin

Our team is honoured to have received such valued recognition at the 2022 Pride in Print Awards.

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