Speed Counts: A Two-Tiered Approach to Fast Label Printing


Speed Counts: A Two-Tiered Approach to Fast Label Printing

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Labelling solutions are about a lot more than labels. We’ve created a strong reputation in New Zealand for our two-tiered approach to quality and speed. Firstly, we print and deliver digital labels within 5 days throughout New Zealand. Secondly, our Integrated Supply Agreement (IS) means we offer key customers an Integrated Supply solution, allowing them control of the resource whilst we take care of the logistics & management.

Speed and Quality

Our vast library of tooling means we can produce and deliver digital labels within 5 days throughout New Zealand. We manage this off our digital line (the only digital label press in the South Island) with fast quotes, fast proofs and fast production. Speed and quality are our main focus points; we realise the importance of receiving your labels quickly without compromising on quality.

Integrated Supply Solution for Labels

We have a the ability to hold finished label stock under our Integrated Supply Agreement (IS). This is a service we offer to key customers who would benefit from an Integrated Supply (IS) solution. Kiwi Labels is a major supplier to the Beverage and FMCG industries, and are aware of the challenges and opportunities within this sector. 

Our IS solution allows you to retain control of the resource, whilst Kiwi Labels takes care of the logistics and day to day management. These advantages to you include:

  • Lower cost of labels
  • Reduced on-site warehousing
  • Reduced working capital
  • Bullet delivery service
  • Reduced lead times
  • Concise reporting (monthly, or at a time frequency to suit your business)
  • Controlled label deletion and /or alterations
  • Reduced administration
  • Critical hygiene controls and management
  • Enhanced stock rotations
  • Risk management

How it Works

All labels are managed and held in Kiwi Labels IS warehouse in Christchurch. The maximum warehoused quantities are by agreement, but usually equate to 12 weeks usage. The client retains ownership of all stock that has been agreed to be produced and placed into the IS warehouse. 

To draw down stock from the Kiwi Labels IS warehouse, simply send a purchase order, we will process and dispatch the order, ensuring you have the product within 48 hours.

If you’re interested in our Integrated Supply solution, please contact us to see how we can help. 

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