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Honey labels

Honey, you look great!
Now’s the time to sweeten the pot and walk away with the winnings thanks to our quality honey labels.

Kiwi Labels prints labels for over 70 honey brands, making us an extremely proud leading honey label supplier to the New Zealand honey industry.

Our continued focus on innovation and improvements has ensured new products and processes are continually developed. Most recently, this has resulted in some exciting opportunities for our honey clients.

KiwiHIVE: Specific label materials and adhesives that have been tried and tested for the honey industry.  With our unique embellishment equipment, we can produce a ‘one of a kind’ label.

KiwiSECURE: We have fast, simple solutions for brand protection and product identification. Our security features include specialist overt and covert security options. From encrypted QR codes, variable data, serialisation and anti-counterfeit coatings and embellishments, we’ve got your brand covered. In 2021 we are also launching our latest advanced KiwiSECURE options – protecting products with unique optical security features and a security software solution with counterfeit protection all on a one label. Contact us to find out more.

KiwiECL: Extended content labels which extend the landscape available to promote your product and brand, without changing the size of the labelling area. We have more information about ECLs here.

Enviroguard: Under our Enviroguard banner, we are able to offer compostable, bio degradable, PEFC, FSC certified products.

As both sponsors and regular attendees of the Annual Apiculture New Zealand Conference we stay up-to-date and in-the-know. We understand the very specific requirements of local and international honey label printing and work to the most exacting standards.

So, whether yours is a boutique business, or a massive enterprise, we can deliver run sizes in the tens or the millions. No job is too big or too small. 

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