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ECL - Extended Content Labels

Extended Content Labels (ECLs) for Creative Packaging Solutions

Your product has 2.6 seconds to catch the attention of your potential customer. Retain space for marketing impact while providing extra content, information and adding value by using ECLs.

If you’ve ever seen a label that unfolds and pops out, then you’ve seen an ECL. There are a variety of applications for Extended Content Labels (ECLs) and are adaptable to almost any container. If you have only a small area to use as a label or you want to offer added value to your customers, an ECL solves a variety of communication challenges.

These are a great solution for products such as vitamins, chemicals and cosmetics as the containers are small and marketing space is optimal. There are label options for every situation and environment, whether they need to still remain adhesive upon refrigeration, high heat, or while being used outside in the sun.

Booklet labels can be up to tens of pages long, and are fully customisable. They can be created to be resalable, removable, or perforated.

Smooth-peel labels are resealable and can be 2-ply, hinged, or pre-laminated. Contact us to chat to us about the best label for your product.

ECL’s are great for regulatory or multilingual information

Compliance with local labelling laws can mean a lot of text that might be overshadowing your branding. Using an ECL means you can fit as much information as you need to satisfy governmental regulations without cluttering up your branding.

The use of extended content labels also removes the need for inserts, cartons, and back labels, saving on production costs and lessening packaging, which is good for the environment.

Whether you need to include a variety of languages to reach a wider global audience or you need thorough instructions on a product – ECLs are the best way to convey maximum information.

Competitions, discounts & giveaways

The tamper-proof seal on these labels makes them ideal to include a voucher, instant-redeemable coupon, or discount code. Inspire your customers to try a new product and encourage repeat purchases. An extended content label can be used as an entry form, to join a rewards programme or to sign up for a newsletter.

Added value for your customers

Customers are becoming more aware and are demanding more information about the products and brands that they buy. This is the ideal way to provide it, or provide extra information that adds value to your product.

In the food industry, ECLs are ideal to provide recipes and meal ideas. If your product is multi-purpose, display the variety of ways that it can be used. If you have a related brand or newly released product, promote it and tell your customers about it.

Create a relationship to retain brand loyalty

By including a story about your business or a recommendation from another customer, you’re creating a connection between them and you. Give them the ability to easily find your Facebook page or other social media accounts and drive traffic to your website.  Create brand loyalty by forming a rapport with them and ensure their repeat business for years to come.

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