You Craft the Beer, We'll Craft the Label


You Craft the Beer, We'll Craft the Label

We love making all types of labels, but there's just something about beer labels that really gets us going. The emergence of home brewers and craft beer brands in New Zealand over recent years has opened up a whole new playing field of beer label design that we're so proud to have been a part of. We've helped many smaller breweries and beer companies to get  creative with their label designs because they need to create a strong identity in an increasingly competitive market. 

Beer and Labels: Not so Different

Beer and labels aren't so different. Your beer recipe not only requires high quality raw products and materials, it also needs careful attention throughout the entire brewing process to ensure a stellar product is created. Unique blends of ingredients and methodology are crucial to the success of your beer, and every element is crucial to the ultimate outcome of increasing sales.

Every beer bottle label we brew up has been developed from an exhaustive list of tried and trusted materials. Our coatings, inks, stocks and adhesives have been carefully chosen to meet the strict demands of a beer label: no bubbling, no ripping, no loosening. Along with creative designs and unique features, our beer labels are eye-catching on the shelves and help to increase your brand's exposure, and we're all about spreading the love of a delectable craft beer!

Kiwi Labels use state-of-the-art printing technology to help you achieve the best success with your beer. We offer many features such as embossing and foiling - even labels that smell like beer! Whether you need labels for bottles, cans or kegs, we have the tools and expertise to give your beer the amazing label it deserves. 

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