Wine Labels That Wow


Wine Labels That Wow

The wine market is incredibly competitive. Use a variety of label options to attract your potential customers- get your wine in their glasses for every ‘cheers!'

New Zealand’s wine industry is ever-expanding. While trends come and go, the competition keeps increasing and the space on the supermarket shelf gets smaller and smaller. How do you distinguish yourself from the crowd? How do you make sure your wine gets purchased?

We have a range of options that help to ensure your wine catches the eye of your consumer. We are based in Christchurch, ideally located to provide labels directly to the boutique wineries and vineyards in the area and throughout the South Island.

KiwiLabels have a specialised digital printing press which helps us to achieve the high quality labels that your customers demand. Scuff resistant and water repelling, our labels will stay looking immaculate throughout travel to their local or International destination, storage in fridges or on shelves, and then home to their final destination.

The type of label depends on your bottle choice, whether glass or plastic and what shape it is. Some shapes are easier than others to apply, so speak to us to make sure you get the best fit and the right type of label for the expected conditions. Will your wine ever be stored in an ice bucket? Or will it sit at room temperature? Make sure the label works in that environment.

Capture attention

There are a range of ways to make sure your label stands out from the crowd. Your labels can be uncoated, textured or finished with a gloss. Think about foiling, embossing, die cut, silk screening and stunning textured affects that draw attention to your labels. Whether you want luxury appeal or a lighthearted style, there is a label to suit your branding. A few well-placed embellishments can take your label from ordinary to extra-ordinary.

We can also create ‘medal’ labels for your wine show and awards.

Create interest

There are a number of unusual inks that can be used to create a point of difference. Metallic inks catch the eye, while scented inks provide something unusual and intriguing. Glow in the dark or heat-activated inks reveal hidden messages once out of the store- a huge incentive for consumers to find the extra content!

Legal and labelling requirements

There are certain rules around wine labelling, both here in New Zealand and overseas. At the very least, your labels must specify the type of wine, country of origin, alcohol declaration, net contents, the name and address of the producer, standard drinks notification and a sulphite and allergen declaration. These rules change across countries and the requirements must be adhered to. Contact us and we can help you with label compliance.

Any run of labels

We can produce large or small runs of labels, quantity is no barrier to a quality end product. This is great if you have a small winery with limited runs or a great number of varietals. It also means you can personalise your labels if you wish. Talk to us to find out how we can help you make an impact with your wine labels.


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