What Makes a Great Beverage Label?


What Makes a Great Beverage Label?

Key Elements for Beverage Labels that Appeal to your Audience

When it comes to beverage labels we've done it all, from award-winning fine wine to quirky local craft beer breweries. Every business and their customer set is unique, so the quality and appeal of your label is crucial in order to capture their attention and ensure they choose your product over your competition on the shelves.

Graphic & User Experience Design

Every target audience is different, be it children, health conscious adults or party-goers. The design of your beverage package and label is the first thing that will catch their attention as they browse products on the shelves. The first and most important element here is to ensure you work with an experienced designer who understands the user experience of your target audience. This means they can come up with a design using appropriate colours, fonts and information that will appeal directly to your customers.

Features, Finishes & Embellishments

Depending on your type of beverage, you'll want to explore all the different label features, finishes and embellishments available to you. With the advanced technology and digital printing capabilities now available, there's a wide range of options to suit all types of drink labels and use situations. Just a few of the options available include:

  • Sculptured Foiling
  • Embossing
  • True High Build
  • Security features such as hidden black light data
  • Peel and Reveal 
  • Repositionable


The better quality your label, the better it will stand the tests of time and transit. At Kiwi Labels, we concentrate on providing mass-appeal, no-peel highest quality beverage labels. While many printing companies take shortcuts on quality, we know that using the best materials and finishes means your label won't peel, scuff or move from its original position. This means your product will still look pristine on the shelves, no matter how far it's been transported or how long it sits for.


Of course, experience is key when it comes to designing and producing beverage labels. Take a browse through our Beverage Labels, Wine Labels and Craft Beer Labels to see some of our latest work, or contact us to see how we can help today.

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