The Long Game with Short Run Labels


The Long Game with Short Run Labels


Short run labels have become ever so popular in New Zealand over the past few years as clients have increased demand for low-cost, low-maintenance printing that allows flexibility with your budget, label art and a need for short-notice changes. With constantly evolving products and marketing plans, short run label printing allows you flexibility to change your labels as your business changes, in the long run saving you money and time whilst having total control over the quality and quantity of labels.

Reduced Time and Cost

When ordering label printing, traditional printing that uses plates means there's more preparation and set up time, and increased lead times and cost involved. For short run labels, digital printing technology means your labels can be made, and changed, as needed with a short turnaround time - meaning less interruptions and cost for your business. From concept to completion, short run labels allow you to proof your labels in a short space of time from initial design, which is ideal for testing new ideas quickly.

Options, Options, Options

Because short run labels are much more efficient and quick than traditional label printing, there's so many different options for your labels. You can quickly change your design, add new features and change quantities as needed. This is particularly useful for seasonal or promotional product labelling.

Short run labels use the digital method which means your labels are not only excellent quality, but we can also provide an expansive range of embellishments and texture options to ensure your product looks its best on the shelves.

Need a short run label project done quickly? Get in touch with Kiwi Labels today to discuss your printing needs. With over 30 years in the printing industry, we offer a streamlined process without compromising on label quality.

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