Shifting to Digital Label Printing


Shifting to Digital Label Printing

For many New Zealand companies in industries from winemaking to heavy industrial, making the switch from traditional label printing to digital label printing is a big consideration. 

Is Digital Label Printing Right for your Business?

The first question to consider is if digital label printing is right for your business. For many companies, digital label printing can offer many benefits that traditional printing cannot. These benefits positively affect your business and label performance in the short and long term and are why many businesses are making the switch.

There are certainly no strict rules around when the right time to switch is, because businesses have different needs and concerns for every label batch. Generally speaking though, once your business needs more than 5,000 labels at a go, digital printing can offer more benefits and cost savings than traditional label printing.

Benefits of Digital vs. Traditional Label Printing

We've written previously about the capabilities and benefits of digital label printing, but here are the key takeaways:


Digital label printing has a faster turnaround time than traditional printing, with around 5 days from order to delivery. 

More Flexible

Because digital files are easily changed and uploaded, digital label printing enables any changes to design or printing specs be executed quickly, allowing you a more flexible design and print process.

Better Quality

Digital label printing press technology means labels are far better quality with higher resolution images and true to life colours.

Exclusive Coatings

Digital printing allows us to offer exclusive materials and coatings for labels which make them stand out on the shelves and last longer, like embelishments, ice bucket protection and anti-scuff features.


Digital printing offers many features and benefits that make it a more popular choice than traditional printing nowadays, and with less setup and production time, businesses are finding digital printing is a far more cost and time effective printing option.

Kiwi Labels is home to the South Island’s only digital printing press, and we're well known in the printing world for our digital label printing capabilities (have a peak at our awards!). Our state of the art technology means we can make high quality labels in very short timeframes - no matter how many you need - we once printed 90 million labels in one run! Get in touch with us to discuss your label needs and see how we can help.

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