Innovative Security Label Solutions


Innovative Security Label Solutions

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The New Frontier in Security Labels: Kiwi Secure

When selling within New Zealand and exporting, there's a range of counterfeit issues that could potentially harm your products or business. Protecting your brand from fakes and product diversions is a challenge to all businesses, particularly at international levels. To help protect against this and add value to your brand, Kiwi Labels have introduced Kiwi Secure, a range of security labels with QR traceability, hidden black light data and anti-counterfeit coatings and embellishments. 

Security labels are important not only to validate your product to consumers, but to also reduce the risk of liability issues and lost earnings. With cutting edge technology and a range of functionality, Kiwi Secure labels are typically used to protect high-value goods or easily counterfeited items such as electronics and pharmaceuticals, and the security features may be visible to the human eye, or only visible using special equipment such as a UV light.


In recent times, we have seen mass-produced 'security' labels come on the market that offer tamper-proof claims, and although in some ways they do provide affordable security against basic tampering, they are but a very small hurdle for counterfeiters. 

Our Kiwi Secure range has been developed with anti-counterfeting and security in mind, with the protection of your brand of upmost importance. Our innovative designers and engineers have worked to produce aesthetically pleasing, durable labels that also help reduce counterfeiting with the following features:

  • QR traceability
  • QR codes, scanned with a QR reader to direct the customer somewhere like your website or app
  • Hidden black light data (we use flourescent inks that reveal hidden data when exposed under a UV light)
  • Coatings and embellishments that make labels far more challenging to counterfeit.  

If you have precious goods that require innovative security label solutions to reduce your risk of counterfeiting, look no further than Kiwi Secure by Kiwi Labels. Contact us today to see what we can do to help protect your business.

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