One Label, three times the impact


One Label, three times the impact

We have produced a label that shows how labels can work for your brand in many different ways.

KL Water bottles

The label was created for complimentary bottles of water that were distributed at the recent NZ Health Products Summit in Blenheim. It showcases 3 of our sub-brands – KiwiCycle, KiwiECL and KiwiSecure.

KiwiCycle offers an award-winning suite of environmental label products and services. The water bottle label includes our KiwiCycle Wash-Off adhesive technology – a Wash-Off adhesive that allows the labels to undergo common PET recycling processes with the labels easily separating from PET containers.

KL ECL label

The face of the label includes an extended content label – a KiwiECL. It peels open to reveal more information under the first layer of the label. KiwiECLs provide extra space on a label for branding, information or to use as part of a promotion or competition.

Printed on the label is our KiwiSecure Farm to Fork feature. This innovative feature adds a layer of security and authenticity to brands and products. The KiwiSecure FTF seal can be printed directly onto labels, or it can be used as a separate tamper evident label.

KL KiwiSecure

Included in the FTF seal is the ‘Follow my Story’ feature through which the brand owner can invite consumers to interact with their label and follow the story of their product from development right through to manufacture/origin.

We have created one label that offers your brand authentication, more space, and helps towards achieving sustainability goals – all whilst also engaging the consumer.

Follow the story of Kiwi Labels’ wash-off label by going to our KiwiSecure website and entering the code P1861k.

For more information about Kiwi Labels’ products, contact us.

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