How ECL’s Are Making Big Wins for Kiwi Label's Customers


How ECL’s Are Making Big Wins for Kiwi Label's Customers

If you have a promotion to run or a lot of information you have to include on a label to meet regulations, then an ECL is what you need.

For some local Kiwi customers, the addition of an extended content label has turned their marketing from so-so to whoa. Here’s how they did it.

Crusaders Promotion: Peel to Reveal

A flyer with a peel-back front has done two major things to this advertising. It leaves the front page with the eye-catching solid red and Crusaders logo, drawing attention in a way that a page of text wouldn’t. The ‘peel here’ label makes it obvious what you need to do.

Then, adding the text ‘only open with your parent or guardian’ means that kids are going to be desperate to open the flyer to see what’s inside. And then, when they are allowed to open it (with their parent or guardian in attendance), they see the adult and child deal for the rugby and they decide they MUST HAVE IT. And of course, the parent is there to get full force of the child’s enthusiasm.

This ECL grabs your attention and builds anticipation:

 ECL crusaders

Smirnoff Promotion Offers Cost Savings

When Smirnoff had a promotion to run, they didn’t want to reprint all their existing labels to include the promo info. Not only is it expensive to set up a new label design and get it bulk printed, but it also means that you’ll likely have an over-run of packaging. Do they use it up and have stock on the shelf with a defunct promotion, or put it in landfill?

Putting the promo on an extended content label means that you don’t need an expensive re-run of packaging and risk having old stock with old information on it. Instead, you only add the stickers that you need to- and there’s much less waste.

It also means that people can buy a product and not know if they have won or not until they have ripped the top layer off. It keeps it a surprise.

ECL’s save expensive reprinting of packaging and risking a supply of packaging with old labels.

ECL promotional labels

Allison’s Pantry Extended Content Labels Provide Information

When you buy from Allison’s Pantry, there is no marketing on the plastic bags. Just the clear bag so people can see you’re addicted to chocolate pretzels, and the small place for the product code to be written. All product information and branding are on the display stand only.

As a result, the addition of an ECL for Allison’s Pantry meant they could include extra relevant information about the brand without interfering with the clear plastic bag design.

The label includes a range of ideas about how you can use the products- buying a range of different snack foods, such as mini BBQ snippets or roast almonds. It also tells you more about the brand, where you can buy it and why you would buy Alison’s Pantry instead of other products.

ECL’s build brand loyalty with the customer and provide extra information without interfering with the branding and design of the packaging.

Poison Control Labels Meet Regulatory Requirements

There are a lot of regulatory requirements for labels. There is only so much space on a label before the text becomes readable only to ants. This also can interfere with branding, if the label has dense text on it. Using an ECL takes away the need to jam everything on a small space. You can put all the regulatory information, safety instructions and first aid info in a tidy way.

ECL’s allow you to add all regulatory information and product details that wouldn’t fit on a small package. These are perfect for supplements and other pharmaceuticals.

Extended Content Labels Give you Marketing and Branding Options

If you have packaging which has tricky labelling requirements or a promotion you need to run, then an ECL is your answer. Get in touch with our team and talk with us about what you need to make your labels more effective. The addition of an ECL takes your product packaging to the next level, and your brand closer to your customer.

How ECL’s Are Making Big Wins for KiwiLabel Customers

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