How Labels Affect Customer Perception


How Labels Affect Customer Perception

How Labels Affect Customer Perceptions

Product packaging and labelling in a buyer's market is so important - not only does powerful design let the consumer make faster decisions, a striking label can also attract new customers. Research* suggests that "at least a third of product decision-making is based on packaging, along with personal preferences". This means that packaging can be just as important as the product itself - and labels help influence a customer's perception and likelihood of buying a product.


With so many products to choose from, people are always looking for higher quality options at their price point to help make a buying decision. There's many different ways that labels can be used to promote the quality of a product, such as by revealing key information or ingredients. Considering the balance of elements on a label, logo, typography and other aspects are crucial to appealing to your customers as a high quality product.

Visually, using digital printing techniques such as embellishing, sculptured foil or embossing are an innovative way to give labels a unique, stand-out quality. These types of techniques have proved very successful for our clients in various industries.


According to Business Insider, there's a seven second window to make your first impression; during this time a customer will make judgements about your product and brand. Your label is the ideal place to quickly establish what makes you different and let customers connect with your product.

Customers form subconscious perceptions about a product based on its packaging and labelling - colour and other elements such as typography and logo prominence on your label can largely influence their opinion and ultimate buying decision. There's many studies on purchase behaviour and how people are influenced by aesthetics and emotional responses. The visual design and colour used on a label can have a large affect on the consumer; red for example has shown to increase heart rate and stimulate appetite (think Heinz or Coke), or can be used to create urgency for sale or promotional items.

At Kiwi Labels we've been making first-rate labels for clients throughout New Zealand since 1976. With a good knowledge of our customer's brands and their customers (plus a little adhesive), we've perfected the art of a great first impression. As the South Island's only digital label printing supplier, we're able to produce truly amazing labels for our clients, and we're pretty stoked with our achievements in the industry.

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