Sculptured Foil for High End Labels with a Difference


Sculptured Foil for High End Labels with a Difference

Embossed Foil Label Printing

Kiwi Labels is proud to introduce Sculptured Foil, a new type of embossed foil that truly makes your product stand out from the crowd. Perfect for small batch label printing or high end products such as Wine, Honey or Perfume, our innovative approach gives labels a luxurious 3D finish that offers a uniquely beautiful, polished effect.

Label Depth, Texture and Shine

The unique difference with Kiwi Labels exclusive Sculptured Foil is the depth, texture and shine your labels receive. For high end, small batch products this is a great way to catch your customer's eye against the competition. 

With state-of-the-art stamping and printing technologies, the design and finishing possibilities are nearly endless. We are able to bring your vision to life, with labels that perfectly reflect your brand whilst differentiating your product from the rest.

Fashion & Function

Like all of our labelling solutions, we understand the importance of fashion as well as function. Rest assured, our labels not only look elegant but are also extremely secure and durable - they don't scuff in the transport process and are water repellent to ensure no lifting, fading or bubbling throughout their life cycle.

Our innovative approach to high end and embossed labelling is rivaled by very few in the industry, where the treatments, graphics and textures we offer don't compromise your label performance.

If you want to give your product a premium elegance, look no further than Kiwi Labels Sculptured Foil. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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