Digital Labelling Capabilities & Benefits


Digital Labelling Capabilities & Benefits

Digital Label Printing

Kiwi Labels is home to the South Island’s only digital printing press, and we're well known in the printing world for our digital label printing capabilities. Our state of the art technology means we can make high quality labels in very short timeframes - no matter how many you need (we once printed 90 million labels in one run!).

We’ve previously covered some of our digital label printing capabilities and benefits in a previous blog post, but here’s more information to cover off questions we’re often asked and other benefits of digital label printing versus traditional offset printing.

Fast Turnaround

Compared to traditional long print runs, digital printing has an incredibly fast turnaround - normally a maximum of five days from design to delivery at your door. There’s minimal set up time required, and because the label is generated by a digital file and no printing plates are required, label designs (text, images and colours) can be changed easily and quickly if required.

We’re able to produce digital labels in short runs, or relatively small quantities of custom labels. This means you can order only the amount of labels you require, as opposed to ordering labels in bulk to get the best price.

Quality and Embellishments

Digital label printing offers a label quality that’s second to none, and has become extremely popular for specialised food and beverage labels such as honey and wine. Our digital label printing press is able to produce high-end embellished and decorative labels, as well as printing at a high resolution so your labels end up with crisp, clear images and true-to-life colours.

Exclusive Coatings

Our printing technology allows us to make labels with exclusive materials and coatings - a great way to make your label stand out and last longer. Depending on your product type and shelf environment, there’s a number of digital label materials and coatings available to enhance your label’s look and life, such as anti-scuff and totally water proof coatings that offer 100% ice bucket protection.

Unique Labels for Marketing

Digital labels allow you the perfect platform for promotional work, where labels can be printed to exactly suit your market. Kiwi Labels can easily print unique and individual labels, labels with sequential numbering, QR codes, peel and reveal labels, scratch off inks, and even ink that smells like strawberries for example! 

Whatever your product and market, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today with your digital labelling project and see what benefits you can get for your brand.

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