Coupon "Peel and Reveal" Label Innovation


Coupon "Peel and Reveal" Label Innovation

Kiwi Labels is New Zealand's most awarded label printing company for innovation, and our Coupon "Peel and Reveal" labels are one of our unique offerings that have proved extremely popular for companies looking to add value to their products without overcrowding their labels.

As a customer driven company, we're known for thinking outside the box and our Coupon "Peel and Reveal" labels are perfect for promotional purposes, coupon codes or communicating your brand story. Our digital printing machinery and skillset mean our clients have unlimited options for personalisation and design within a coupon label.

Using your Label Space Wisely

When space limitations can restrict the amount of copy on a label, having a double-layered peel and reveal label offers a unique solution that adds value to your product. Our clients often need to include extra information on their products, but it's not efficient or cost-effective to increase the size of their packaging, so Peel and Reveal labels come to the rescue without creating an "overcrowded" look.

Our Coupon "Peel and Reveal" labels use a removable top layer to reveal extra print surfaces - perfect for instructions, coupon codes, extra information, social media campaigns, recipes or promotional copy. Adding a peel off voucher or coupon to your product labels also works as a great persuasion tool to increase sales and attract new customers.

Coupon "Peel and Reveal" Label Options & Benefits

There's many options and benefits to our Coupon "Peel and Reveal" labels and the possibilities are virtually endless. Here's just some of our coupon label options:

  • Customised shape, size, design and quantities that you require - we're flexible and can help design and manufacture exactly what you need.
  • Put all the information, instructions or coupon codes you need into a multi-layered label instead of overcrowding your label space or making your packaging bigger.
  • Graphics or copy, or a mixture of both can be used for your reveal label.
  • We always deliver our print runs within agreed time frames at consistently high standards. Our in-house production means we monitor your order at every stage of design and production until they're delivered to you.
  • Short or long run digital printing available.

Please contact our friendly and experienced team about innovative labelling solutions for your product.



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